What Is a Doberman and Husky Mix?

Jack Berry/CC-BY-2.0

A Doberman-husky mix is a cross between a Doberman Pinscher and a Siberian Husky. Like all hybrid breeds, the physical, mental and emotional traits of this dog are unpredictable and encompass the spectrum of both parents. A prospective adopter is encouraged to research all characteristics of both breeds before adopting.

Both the Siberian Husky and the Doberman Pinscher are medium-to-large breeds with compact, robust builds and energetic personalities. Due to the high activity level of these dogs, neither is recommended for apartment life without sufficient training and daily exercise. Both breeds are described as intelligent and friendly, making them ideal for family life. While they are good with children, the strong prey instinct of the two breeds means that small animals should not be left alone with them.