What Are Some Distinctive Characteristics of Sea Turtles?


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Some distinctive features of sea turtles include their long, sweeping front flippers, beak-like mouths, nonretractable head and large shells. Depending on the type of turtle, the shell may be hard and bumpy or smooth and leathery. Turtles come in variety of colors from green to black.

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As of 2015, there are seven living species of sea turtles, and each one has its own distinctive features. Despite the name, green turtles often have colorful patterned shells of brown, orange and red. The loggerhead turtle boasts a larger head than other species and a distinctive red and brown shell with spiky, uneven edges. Leatherback turtles are named after their hard, leathery ridged backs. They are the largest of all sea turtle species and one of the largest reptiles on Earth.

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