What Are Discoid Roaches?

discoid-roaches Credit: Daly and Newton/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Discoid roaches are mid-sized cockroaches of the species Blaberus discoidales. They are originally from South America, but they are bred in the pet trade as pets and as live prey for reptiles.

Discoid roaches are about 2 inches long at maturity. They are easy to care for, as they are unable to escape from smooth-sided containers like glass or tupperware, do not require any filler material on the bottom of their enclosures and eat a wide variety of foods. When kept as a food source for other animals, they are typically gutloaded, meaning that they are fed a particularly nutritious feed to pass that nutrition along to the predator animal. Even without gutloading, they are considered nutritious prey for insectivorous reptiles.