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Dinovite is a brand of nutritional supplement for dogs and cats that its makers claim replaces nutrients destroyed in commercial pet food by cooking. It contains vitamins, fatty acids, zinc, trace minerals, digestive enzymes and live direct-fed microbials, which Dinovite describes as probiotic bacteria that benefit the immune system.

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Dinovite sells supplements labeled specifically for dogs or cats, each with a different composition. On its main product page, it describes various ingredients as beneficial for digestion, skin, coat and immune system.

A 2010 Cincinnati Business Courier article quoted a Pennsylvania veterinarian who, after initial skepticism of the product and its cost, credited Dinovite with reducing her dogs' allergy symptoms and hair loss. However, whereas Dinovite claims that cooking removes ingredients important for nutrition from typical pet food, PetMD asserts that an animal fed a balanced commercial diet should not need supplementation. PetMD advises all pet owners to consult a veterinarian or veterinary dietitian before starting any pet supplement. The site especially cautions that pets on veterinarian-prescribed food may receive excessive amounts of some nutrients or experience interactions between the supplement and their prescription.

The Better Business Bureau lists Dinovite Inc., based in Crittenden, Kentucky, as an accredited business and gives it an A rating as of 2015.

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