What Are Some Different Types of Owls?


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The burrowing owl, the long-eared owl, the snowy owl, the elf owl and the screech owl are some types of owl belonging to the classification strigidae. The barn owl is another type of owl belonging to the classification tytonidae. All owls are predators, and most are nocturnal to avoid competition with other birds of prey. Many species, such as the barred owl and the snowy owl, have special feathers enabling them to fly silently. There are over 200 owl species.

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The snowy owl is a diurnal owl that spends the summer in the Arctic Circle and migrates to Canada and the northern United States in the winter. It is the heaviest North American owl. Barn owls are strictly nocturnal and non-migratory, and over 40 types exist on all continents. Their heart-shaped faces help them find prey, amplifying sound and directing it into their ears. They roost in trees, abandoned barns and other buildings.

Burrowing owls can be either diurnal or nocturnal and live in open treeless areas such as prairies, deserts pastures or golf courses. They nest underground in burrows they've either built for themselves or that are abandoned by other animals.

Barred owls are a nocturnal, non-migratory owls native to the eastern United States, although they have expanded their range west to compete with California's spotted owl. Great horned owls are large owls who often prey on other owls and large birds, and they live in diverse habitat throughout the United States.

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