What Are the Different Types of Mastiffs?


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There is only one type of mastiff as there is only one mastiff breed, which is called the "Old English Mastiff." However, there are different color choices within the Old English Mastiff breed including apricot, fawn and brindle according to the American Kennel Club.

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All mastiff dogs have the black mask marking on their face and grow to a large size. Most mastiffs will reach a height between 27 inches and 32 inches and a weight of 130 to 220 pounds. The dogs were originally bred to fight battle as war dogs, but in the thousands of years since the mastiff has become a companion dog. Breeders now breed for traits such as loyalty and docility.

It is recommended that families with small children are especially careful with these dogs, however, as the mastiff's unusually large size can sometimes cause problems for little ones. Simply by bumping into a child, the child could fall down. The dog is also quite a drooler and any one who is thinking of owning a mastiff should be prepared for the drool. Another problem with the breed can occur when people living in small dwellings such as apartments or condos bring a mastiff puppy home. As soon as the puppy matures, his size will make it nearly impossible for him to live happily in the small area.

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