What Are Some Different Types of Insects?

What Are Some Different Types of Insects?

The giant swallowtail, American grasshopper, various species of bumblebees, velvet ants and the yellow jacket wasp are various types of insects. Representative orders include Neuroptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Hemiptera and Phasmatodea.

The giant swallowtail (Papilio cresphontes) has dark brown wings with yellow spot bands on both the forewings and hindwings. The butterfly has a yellow abdomen with a dark brown dorsal stripe. Both sexes have similar appearances, and the creature inhabits forest margins, roadsides, pastures, citrus groves and gardens.

The American grasshopper (Schistocerca americana) lives in the Southeast, parts of the Midwest and up to Pennsylvania. The insect is a pest for farmers, and can cause damage to citrus, corn, cotton, oats and other food plants.

Bumblebees are a common insect in gardens, fields and forests throughout much of the continental United States. Types of bumblebees include the American bumblebee, yellow-banded bumblebee and the brown-belted bumblebee.

Velvet ants belong to the family Mutillidae. Characteristics of these insects include the lack of wings and coarse setae on the body in the female members of the different species. A species in this group includes Dasymutilla occidentalis occidentalis, popularly known as the "Cow Killer." The family has about 8,000 known species across the world, as of 2015.