What Are the Different Types of Coyote Vocalizations?


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The different types of coyote vocalizations include howls, growls, barks and special sounds known as huffs. Coyotes are known to be particularly vocal animals; their scientific name, Canis latrans, means "barking dog" in Latin.

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Coyotes use a wide variety of vocalizations, especially howls. Some howls are used to intimidate and define territory, while others are used to call together friendly coyotes or warn of threats. Coyotes also use short vocalizations such as barks, woofs, and yelps. A woof is distinguished from a bark by its lower intensity. Yelps are high-pitched and express surprise or submission.

Whines and greeting calls also make up the coyote vocal repertoire. Growls almost always indicate aggression, though they are also heard during greeting calls.

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