What Are Some Different Types of Birds in North America?


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Different types of birds found in North America include bald eagles, great egrets and robins. The bald eagle is the national symbol of the United States.

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What Are Some Different Types of Birds in North America?
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The bald eagle usually lives close to a body of water, and its adult plumage of white head and dark body make it instantly recognizable. Young bald eagles are mottled brown and are sometimes mistaken for golden eagles, which are also North American birds. The bald eagle builds a huge nest called an aerie, and the female is larger than the male. The bald eagle hunts fish, such as salmon, but also scavenges.

Great egrets are also found near water, including streams, ponds and salt and freshwater marshes. Their feathers are pure white, and the bird was nearly hunted to extinction for its plumage. Great egrets have yellow bills and black legs and feet. They hold their necks in an S-shape and use their long bills to spear fish. They also eat frogs, reptiles and small mammals.

Robins are famous as harbingers of spring. They are a type of thrush and are found year-round in most of the United States. Like the white head of the bald eagle, the reddish brown breast of the robin makes it distinctive. They are at home in forests and shrubland, but they are also found in parks, gardens, pastures and even golf courses.

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