What Are the Different Species of Gazelles ?

What Are the Different Species of Gazelles ?

The different species of gazelles include Thomson's, dorcas, goitered and the chinkara, also known as the Indian gazelle. There are about 19 species of gazelles, and they are found in Africa and Asia.

The Thomson's gazelle mostly lives on the savannas of Kenya and Tanzania. It's the most common gazelle in Africa, although it is threatened with near-extinction due to hunting and habitat destruction. The Thomson's gazelle can run up to 60 miles per hour and lives from 10 to 15 years in the wild.

The dorcas gazelle lives in northern Africa and parts of Israel. Because of this, the dorcas gazelle has evolved to live in dry climates and prefers sand dunes and semi-deserts. Its preferred food is the madonna lily, and it also eats acacia tree pods and fruit.

The goitered gazelle lives from the Arabian peninsula and eastward into Mongolia and the northwest of China. It gets its name from its enlarged larynx, which looks like a goiter. Though still graceful, the goitered gazelle tends to be more robust than other types of gazelles.

The chinkara lives in the deserts, dry scrublands and plains of India, Iran and Pakistan. There might be a very small population in Afghanistan. It stands about 26 inches tall and is largely solitary.