What Are Some Different Species of Eagles?

Perhaps the best-known species of eagle is the bald eagle, which is the national bird of the United States of America and the only species of eagle unique to North America. Other species of eagles include Sanford's sea eagle, which is commonly seen in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, and the white-tailed eagle of Europe and Asia.

Bald eagles are named for the white feathers on their heads. The rest of their bodies are covered in brown feathers. Found throughout North America from Alaska to Mexico, bald eagles are between 30 and 37 inches long with wingspans up to 84 inches. Sanford's sea eagle also has a brown body with a white head but is much smaller. This species of eagle lives primarily on forested coasts of islands. It is known to hunt small fruit bats and scavenge meat from dead animals.

The white-tailed eagle has a light-brown head, darker brown to black wings and a white tail. It is a large species of eagle and can measure up to 37 inches in length with a wingspan up to 7.2 feet. Native to Europe and Asia, white-tailed eagles hunt fish and small mammals during the warmer months and survive off of carrion, such as dead livestock and fish in the winter.