What Are Some Different Kinds of Shellfish?


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Some different kinds of shellfish include crabs, clams, lobster and oysters. Shellfish is a term for various edible animals that live in water, lack bones and have either calcified shells or tough exoskeletons.

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The animals that are labeled shellfish belong to two very different groups: the Crustacea, which are more closely related to spiders, and the Mollusca, which are more closely related to slugs. Sometimes "shellfish" is defined narrowly so as to exclude crustaceans, but in general use, it refers to both sorts of animals.

The crustaceans that are labeled shellfish include lobsters, shrimp and crabs. These creatures have chitinous exoskeletons covering their edible flesh. Mollusks include scallops, oysters, abalone and clams. These creatures have hard mineral shells that surround their soft bodies.

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