What Are Some Different Kinds of Butterflies?

There are over 20,000 butterfly species in the world, including swallowtails, skippers and cabbage white butterflies. Swallowtails are often recognized by green or blue scales on their wings. Skippers are identifiable by white patches in the center of their hind wings. Cabbage white butterflies are small in size and typically have one to two black dots on each wing.

The monarch butterfly is red to orange in color, and its wings are bordered with black and white spots. Monarch butterflies are known for their beautiful, intricate wings that resemble stained glass windows. They are commonly found in North and South America. The monarch's diet consists of milkweed that is gathered from floral nectar. Milkweed ingestion allows the monarch to produce alkaloid, a foul-tasting substance that protects the butterfly from predators.

The blue morpho butterfly, also referred to as Morpho peleides, is identified by its bright blue wings that are bordered in black. Blue morpho butterflies have wings that span from 5 to 8 inches and possess tiny scales that reflect light. The light reflectors create the iridescent blue hue of the blue morpho butterfly's wings. The undersides of the blue morpho butterfly's wings are brown in color, which allows for quick camouflage against predators when the wings are closed.