What Are Some Different Haircuts a Shih Tzu Can Have?

A shih tzu can have a puppy cut, a teddy bear cut or a practical top knot cut. Each of these haircuts has a unique style; some are more fitting for certain seasons than others.

The puppy cut is a common haircut for shih tzus in the warmer months. The puppy cut is very low maintenance with the dog's hair cut between 1 and 2 inches all over to keep your canine friend cooler in warmer temperatures. Variations of the puppy cut include the puppy cut with short ears, the puppy cut with long ears, and an overall longer cut in which the chest and ear hair are both kept longer.

The teddy bear cut gives your shih tzu a cute, stuffed animal-like appearance by creating a fluffy and rounded facial shape for your dog. The teddy bear cut refers only to the length of your shih tzu's facial hair and therefore can be paired with any variation of the puppy cut.

The practical top knot cut is the most recognizable haircut for a shih tzu. It is done by bringing together locks of your dog's hair at the top of its head and securing the bunch with a bow or clip. This keeps excess hair out of your shih tzu's eyes and mouth and allows for easier grooming of your pet. In this style, the rest of the shih tzu's hair is typically kept long.