What Are Some Different Fish Species?

What Are Some Different Fish Species?

Some different fish species include Mola mola, Euxiphipops navarchus, Sphaeramia nematoptera and Amphiprion percula. The mola is the heaviest bony fish in the sea. It has a peculiar round shape, which gives it its Latin name of millstone. The round shape is caused by the back fin never developing.

A grown mola can be 14 feet high, 10 feet wide and weigh 5,000 pounds. Molas are found in warm waters all over the world. Along with their size and odd shape, they are also noteworthy because of the fecundity of the female mola. One female was found with 300 million eggs in her ovary.

The species Euxiphipops navarchus contains the Majestic Angel, a type of angelfish. These are beautiful fish found in the tropics. They are popular fish for home aquariums.

Sphaeramia nematoptera is the scientific name for the pajama cardinalfish. This colorful fish is also popular in aquaria. It has a large red eye, a dark band around its middle and patterns of red spots toward the tail. The pajama cardinalfish prefers to be kept in schools and grows to around 3.3 inches long.

Amphiprion percula is the true clown anemonefish, one of many found in the amphiprion genus. It is found only in the shallow waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Like all anemonefish, Amphiprion percula lives harmlessly among the stinging tentacles of the sea anemone.