What Are the Differences Between Male and Female Yorkie Puppies?

differences-between-male-female-yorkie-puppies Credit: Clarissa Leahy/Taxi/Getty Images

Female Yorkshire Terrier puppies may exhibit more persistence and determination when making their demands known to their owners. They are known to beg for attention and affection more commonly than their male counterparts. Male Yorkie puppies are more apt to wait patiently for affection from their owners but are more prone to displays of dominance than females in an attempt to assert themselves as the pack leader.

Generally speaking, male and female Yorkshire Terriers are quite similar in temperament. PetMD notes that, as is true with most breeds, the characteristics attributed to a dog rely more on its genetic profile, personality at birth, upbringing and training atmosphere rather than on its sex alone. Possible differences between the two sexes may become apparent primarily when the dogs reach puberty. Both sexes can exhibit more dominance and aggression if they are not spayed or neutered.

It's common for people to assume female dogs are kinder and more submissive than males, and that male dogs are more intelligent and are easier to train. The truth is there's no clear proof either sex is superior to the other. Many people try to make a decision on which dog to get based on the sex of a puppy. PetMD says that dog owners hold a great deal of control over shaping the temperament of their new pets, regardless of the animal's sex.