What Are Some Differences Between a Hyena and a Pitbull?


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The main difference between a pit bull and a hyena is that a pit bull is a generic term for a number of breeds of domesticated dog, and a hyena is a wild animal native to Africa. There are as many as ten different breeds of dog that are generically termed pit bull, and there are at least three subspecies of hyenas.

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The types of dogs classified as pit bulls have origins in England, Scotland, Ireland and the United States. They can grow to a variety of heights and weights no matter the breed but are generally medium- to large-sized dogs. Hyenas, depending on the subspecies, are bigger than pit bulls. They can weigh between 90 and 190 pounds and grow as tall as 35 inches. Pit bulls have an average lifespan of between 10 and 13 years, like many canine breeds, while hyenas can live up to 25 years.

Pit bulls have a reputation for being a vicious breed, although many studies and people purport that pit bulls can be good-natured family pets. Hyenas are known for being scavengers that eat the leftovers from other predators but are also said to be intelligent, skillful hunters in their own right.

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