What Are the Differences Between a Dutch Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois?


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The Dutch shepherd's coat coloring is different than the Belgian Malinois. While the Belgian Malinois' coat somewhat resembles that of a German shepherd with an tan to darker brown upper body and black-tipped hairs and a lighter brown lower body, the face and ears of a Belgian Malinois are black. Most Dutch shepherds have a gold or silver base coat with brindling over the body.

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The Belgian Malinois is a slightly taller breed than Dutch shepherd. Dutch shepherds are good family dogs with a natural instinct to protect. They also have excess energy and do well with a great deal of exercise or with a job to do. Although the Belgian Malinois gets along well with family members, he may not be as welcoming to strangers. A Belgian Malinois is an excellent working dog and does well as a police or military dog.

For the breed standard, the Belgian Malinois must have a short coat. Dutch shepherds may have a short, long or wire-haired coat. The long-haired coat should not have curls or waves, and the wire-haired coat should appear dense, harsh and tousled. Although both breeds are bred for certain characteristics, every dog is a unique individual and may deviate from the norm in temperament.

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