What Are the Differences Between a Boa Vs. a Python?

differences-between-boa-vs-python Credit: Kevin K. Caldwell/Moment/Getty Images

A major difference between boas and pythons is that pythons have an extra pair of bones in their skulls. Pythons also have more teeth. Boas give birth to live young, while pythons lay eggs.

Pythons are native to sub-Saharan Africa, southeast Asia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Boas can be found in Saharan Africa, western Asia, the Middle East, southwestern North America, Central America and much of South America. Even when boas and pythons are found in the same area of the world, they live in different habitats.

One of the most common boas is the boa constrictor, which is found in the Americas. This boa is able to live in a variety of habitats, ranging from tropical rainforests to deserts. Some people believe that these snakes grow to enormous sizes, but their average length is about 6 to 9 feet. They have a varied diet, but they prefer warm-blooded prey such as rats.

Burmese pythons are notorious for having been introduced into the wild in Florida. Scientists believe these pythons are former pets that escaped or were released when they simply grew too big for their owners to manage. They have the potential to devastate the natural ecosystem of places such as the Florida Everglades.