What Are the Differences Between Bigfoot Vs. a Bear?


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The mythical animal called Bigfoot is described by witnesses as having characteristics similar to a black bear, although with notable differences. Eyewitnesses who claim to have seen a Bigfoot describe it as being larger than a bear and bipedal. Bigfoot is purported to dwell in areas replete with bears, which leads to confusion because many people finding what they think are Bigfoot prints are actually seeing overlapped bear footprints.

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The black bear, which many experts think is the animal most often assumed to be a Bigfoot, generally has a length of about 5 to 7 feet. A black bear’s anatomy includes a straight muzzled face and flat shoulders. It has pointy ears and a stubby tail. The fur color can vary from black to brown, with some gray mixed in. Bears have retractable claws on their five toes. They generally walk on all fours but are known to stand on two legs when disturbed by strange sounds or smells.

No physical evidence exists to confirm the existence of a Bigfoot, and alleged witnesses have given widely divergent descriptions. The most common description for Bigfoot says the animal is 7 to 10 feet tall, ape-like, bipedal, broad shouldered and solidly built. The creature's body is said to be covered with shaggy fur, which is usually described as dark brown or black. They’re said to have five toes and much larger feet than a bear. The face of a Bigfoot is vaguely described as a cross between an ape and a human.

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