What Are Some Differences Between an Alaskan Malamute and a Siberian Husky?


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The most obvious difference between the Alaskan malamute and the Siberian husky is their respective sizes. A male Alaskan malamute can weigh almost 100 pounds, while a male Siberian husky tops about 60 pounds. The Alaskan malamute has a sturdy constitution and is the largest breed of Arctic dog. In terms of markings, the Alaskan malamute is more likely to have dark shading on its coat.

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The Siberian husky can have a longer coat compared to other Arctic dogs, although this is a product of a recessive gene that is typically weeded out in kennels. In terms of personality, both dogs are affectionate, loyal and highly intelligent. A downside of these breeds is that they can be difficult to train and are destructive if a master is not perceived as strong enough or is too inconsistent in his rulings. Siberian huskies in particular are extremely adverse to being left alone for extended periods and are known to howl and even destroy property. Alaskan malamutes also howl but are typically quiet. It is imperative to raise these breeds from an early age in the presence of other pets, otherwise a strong prey instinct can present itself. Neither is recommended for apartment living, but the Siberian husky tends to do better in this situation. Daily walks are recommended for both breeds.

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