What Is the Difference in Size Between a Killer Whale and an Elephant?

difference-size-between-killer-whale-elephant Credit: Ken Petch/MOment/Getty Images

Mature killer whales are typically longer and lighter than elephants. On average, killer whales weigh up to 6 tons, or 12,000 pounds, while an average male elephant can weigh up to 7.5 tons, or 15,000 pounds. Killer whales are 23-32 feet long, and elephants range in height from 8 to 13 feet.

Although the average adult elephant is heavier than the average adult killer whale, baby killer whales are heavier than baby elephants at birth. Killer whales weigh around 400 pounds at birth and are around 7 feet long, while elephants weigh only 260 pounds and are under 3 feet tall. The largest killer whale on record was 32 feet long and 22,000 pounds, while the largest elephant ever recorded was 13 feet tall and 24,000 pounds. Male elephants tend to be several feet taller and around 3,000 pounds heavier than female elephants; similarly, male killer whales are several feet longer and around 2,000 pounds heavier than female killer whales. African elephants are a bit larger than Asian elephants. African elephants weigh around 2,200 pounds more than Asian elephants and stand about 3 feet taller. Killer whales are categorized according to their size: Type A (the largest), B, C, and D (the smallest).