What Is the Difference Between a Wolf Vs. a Coyote?


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Coyotes are smaller than fully grown wolves and have pointier muzzles and larger ears. There is some overlap in coat color between coyotes and gray wolves. Wolves have a greater range of possible fur colors, while coyotes have a fixed pattern of white undersides and gray backs.

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Other differences between coyotes and wolves include behavior and diet. Wolves are pack animals. Only the alpha pair in each pack breeds. Coyotes are less gregarious, and all individual coyotes breed if they're able to find a mate. Although coyotes occasionally form family unit packs, it's not their main lifestyle, as it is for wolves. In terms of diet, wolves take larger game than coyotes. This is due to their larger body size and because packs are able to bring down larger animals than solitary predators.

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