What Is the Difference Between a Wasp and a Bee?

Wasps are usually more aggressive than bees, and they tend to hunt for their food. Bees tend to have calm behavior and usually search more for flowers than wasps do.

Bees and wasps differ in size. Wasps have a thin, smooth body frame with cylinder-type legs. Due to wasps' thin body types, they are fast and better designed for hunting. Bees have a hairy body type with flat legs that give them the ability to gather pollen. Since bees can hold onto pollen, adult bees carry nectar and pollen to younger bees. Bees generally spend the majority of their time visiting different flowers and plants to distribute pollen. Adult wasps also feed on pollen occasionally, but they feed mainly on insects.

A wasp's nest is different from a bee's nest and can help in distinguishing them. Wasps' nests contain a round comb made out of pulp, which is made of fibers and the wasp's saliva. Wasps tend to make their nests in secluded areas where they are difficult to find. A bee's nest is created with wax cells that are stacked on top of each other. Bees usually make their nests in more open places, such as trees and buildings.