What Is the Difference Between Purebred and Hybrid?

difference-between-purebred-hybrid Credit: André Zehetbauer/CC-BY-SA 2.0

A purebred pet is the result of two parents with unmixed lineage of the same breed, while a hybrid is the result of two parents of completely different lineage or breed. An example of a purebred dog is a Great Dane. An example of a hybrid dog is a Goldendoodle.

Purebred dogs normally have a documented pedigree in a stud book. Most purebred dogs are recognized by the National Kennel Club as well. It is possible for a hybrid dog to become recognized as a breed over time, however this does not always occur. Cats are also purebred and hybrid. There are 40 types of purebred cats recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association, and many more types that are considered to be crossbreeds or hybrids.

While the issue is debated, some supporters of purebred pets insist that purebreds are healthier and have predictable behavior, while hybrid pets are often less healthy or have completely unpredictable behavior.

Many supporters of hybrid pets insist that cross breeding brings out the best out in both breeds, and makes the animals stronger and more vigorous. There are negatives and positives that can occur with both purebred and hybrid pets involving inbreeding, health and temperament.