What Is the Difference Between a Pit Bull and a Boxer?


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Pit bulls and boxers differ in many areas, including coat color, shedding tendencies and maximum height and weight, as well as have slightly different personalities. Additionally, the pit bull is purebred from the terrier family originating in the United States, while boxers are a purebred breed from Germany.

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The coloring on a pit bulls coat is more expansive than a boxer; pit bulls may exhibit a range of reds, browns, black, white and yellows, while boxers are brindle, fawn and white. Pit bulls tend to live 5 years longer than boxers, and are smaller in both height and weight on average. They are not as outgoing or courageous as boxers, but are social, friendly and intelligent dogs. Although relatively different breeds, both the pit bull and the boxer make for great family pets.

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