What Is the Difference Between a Male and a Female Parakeet?

Male budgies have a blue- or purplish-colored cere at the top of their beaks, while females have a highly textured brown, white or tan cere. It is more difficult to tell the difference between male and female pastel budgies, which tend to be light colored all over.

It is notoriously hard to tell the difference between different genders of birds. Often, owners won't know until one lays an egg in their cage. The best method for determining gender is usually DNA testing. However, budgies or parakeets do have some noticeable gender differences.

Parakeets have a bulbous piece of flesh at the top of their beaks called the cere. This cere is usually blue or purple in color on males and light brown, white or tan on females. However, albino, lutino and pied budgies do not have these colors on their ceres. Both male and female parakeets have light pink ceres when they are young and do not develop their normal colors until maturity.

Generally, male budgies are easier to get along with and tend to be singers. They are the songbirds of the parakeets. Males are also talkers and more likely to pick up words. Females are chattery, but don't communicate as much. Females are often aggressive and a little bit domineering. They are more likely to bite as well.