What Is the Difference Between a Male and Female Cockatiel?

Adult male cockatiels have bright yellow faces, dark grey bodies and solid grey tail feathers with no barring. Adult female cockatiels have grey faces with traces of pale yellow, dull grey bodies with a brown tint and patterned tail feathers. Males whistle frequently, while females are fairly quiet.

Cockatiels are native to Australia. They have slender bodies, pointed wings and a long, pointed tail. Cockatiels have an erectile chest that they raise when they are excited or alarmed. They have a grey hooked beak, dark brown eyes and grayish-brown legs.

Cockatiels are frequently found in large flocks of up to several hundred birds. The groups often make long flights between foraging grounds, watering holes and roosting sites. Their main foods are seeds, berries, fruits and nectar. They also eat some crops such as sorghum, wheat and sunflowers. Although cockatiels usually forage on the ground, they sometimes forage in trees and shrubs.

Cockatiels breed between April and July in the north, and August and December in the south. They nest in hollow trees lined with wood dust. Because the species has a long tail, it must enter the hollow tail-first. Cockatiels mate for life and live up to 20 years in the wild.