What Is the Difference Between Human Papilloma and Canine Papilloma?


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The primary difference between human papilloma virus and canine papilloma virus is that canine papilloma virus has rarely ever progressed to cancerous conditions whereas human papilloma virus has caused cervical cancer, penis cancer and anus cancer in humans according to WebMD and MarVista Veterinary Clinic. The viruses can only be transferred between animals of the same species, so dogs cannot give humans the virus and vice versa.

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What Is the Difference Between Human Papilloma and Canine Papilloma?
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In canine papilloma, the warts and wart-like tumors are the most common symptoms and the tumors are almost always benign. The warts are usually seen around the dog's mouth, on its tongue and near its genitals. In order for veterinarians to diagnose and treat the canine papilloma virus, the veterinarian will need to first perform a biopsy of one of the warts. Then the veterinarian will determine what kind of virus it is and provide medication, although it is often possible for the virus to go away on its own, reports the Mar Vista Veterinary Clinic.

With human papilloma, the symptoms are often not present and the virus will go away without treatment. It is estimated that 50 percent of people who have had sex will be infected with the virus. Not all viruses have warts as a symptom, but some infected individuals will have warts that are either on the hands, feet or the mucous areas around the genitals and anus. Some human papilloma virus strains require treatment while others do not. The appropriate diagnosis and treatment will need to be given by a doctor, reports WebMD.

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