What Are the Difference Between an Akita and a Pit Bull?


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Akitas are larger and quieter than pit bulls. They have a history and passion for hunting whereas pit bulls are natural guard dogs. The training methods for the two breeds are extremely different, with Akitas responding to a calm and respectful owner and pit bulls responding to an expressive and dominant one.

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Akitas are considered a national treasure in Japan, where they are celebrated as a symbol of prosperity and happiness. Pit bulls were celebrated in the same way in the 1950s, but since then, they have become synonymous with dog fighting. However, dog fighting pit bulls have typically been made violent through abusive and neglectful environments. Otherwise, pit bulls are naturally kind and loving dogs.

Both Akitas and pit bulls are very loyal to their owners, to the point where they can behave in a hostile manner toward any stranger. Getting both dogs to socialize as puppies reduces this hostility greatly; trained pit bulls are sometimes so welcoming to strangers that they are no longer aggressive guard dogs.

Though the training methods differ drastically, both dogs require the same amount of training. Akitas and pit bulls are naturally stubborn and take a long time to train, so an owner must be willing to research extensively, and then commit a large amount of time to them.

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