What Diet Is Recommended for Dogs Suffering From Pancreatitis?


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Veterinarians recommend dogs suffering from pancreatitis eat a home-cooked diet of boiled ground chicken with white rice, low fat beef, yogurt, barley and well-cooked vegetables. Foods such as low fat cottage cheese, egg whites, potatoes, and broiled, skinless chicken breast are additional foods for dogs with this condition.

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Rice in small amounts is highly digestible and does not trigger gastrointestinal hormones that leads to higher levels of pancreatic enzymes and increased inflammation. An easily digestible diet is best for dogs suffering from pancreatitis. Food should be low in fiber and fat and include no more than 10 percent dry matter. Avoid feeding a dog high-fat table scraps.

Commercial dog foods low in fat such as Acana Light and Fit, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Healthy Weight, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Senior Chicken and Honest Kitchen Zeal are good substitutes when a home-cooked diet isn't possible.

Pancreatitis is a serious and life-threatening disease sometimes characterized by a sudden onset in dogs. Obese dogs seem to be at higher risk. Symptoms range from mild to severe and include loss of appetite, vomiting with or without diarrhea, lethargy, and a swollen abdomen that may be sensitive to touch. The best way to confirm the presence of pancreatitis is through a CBC blood test, an ultrasound or X-rays.

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