Did T-Rex Dinosaurs Have Feathers?


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Although there is no hard evidence either way, it is possible that Tyrannosaurus rex did have feathers. There is fossil evidence that other members of the tyrannosaur family had feathers.

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Did T-Rex Dinosaurs Have Feathers?
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According to Science Magazine, there is increasing evidence that feathers were common in carnivorous dinosaurs and may have developed earlier than previously thought. Two other types of tyrannosaur, Dilong and Yutyrannus, both have been found with fossil evidence of early feathers. Dilong was distant enough from Tyrannosaurus rex that many paleontologists formerly believed that the T-rex may have lost its feathers. However, the more recently discovered Yutyrannus was close enough both in size and evolution that feathers on the T-rex are fairly likely, according to paleontologist David Hone.

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