What Did Spinosaurus Eat?

While scientists are not positive what spinosaurus ate, most believe that these large predators primarily consumed fish. They base this hypothesis on the dinosaur’s habitat, mouth morphology and the prey found in the belly of a fossilized juvenile spinosaurus.

Most spinosaurus fossils originated in North Africa, along an ancient shoreline. As the animals lived in similar places as crocodiles and had similarly shaped mouths, it is likely that they ate fish, just as modern crocodiles do. According to Live Science, scientists found at least one juvenile spinosaurus fossil that contained fish bones and scales in the stomach region. Unfortunately, the original spinosaurus fossils were destroyed in World War II.

Spinosaurus had a mouth similar to that of a crocodile. The snout was elongated, and cylindrical teeth were set into the periphery of the jawline. The front six or seven teeth were very large, and they probably helped the predators to catch fish. Without serrations on the teeth, it is unlikely that the dinosaurs could have ripped the flesh of large prey.

Spinosaurus is currently recognized as the largest carnivorous dinosaur. Weighing 10 tons, spinosaurus was about a ton heavier than Tyrannosaurus rex. Scientists do not understand why the dinosaur sported a large spiny sail along its back, but it may have been used to thermoregulate or for mating displays.