Where Did Pigs Originate?


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Domestic North American pigs originated from wild stocks in European, Asian and North African forests. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, wild North American pigs are believed to have been aboard Christopher Columbus’ second voyage in 1493 and brought to the United States in the early 1500s.

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There has been scientific breeding of pigs in the United States and Europe. Denmark produced the Landrace breed, which is raised for its high-quality bacon. The Yorkshire breed, which is also known as the Large White, originated in Britain in the 18th century. There are few differences between wild pigs, which are also known as boars, and domestic pigs. The tusk-like teeth of domestic pigs are not as developed as the tusks of wild pigs. Wild pigs use the sharp end of tusks to forage for roots and as a defensive weapon. Wild pigs can live over 25 years.

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