Why Did My Budgie Die?


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Unfortunately, many birds hide illness and tend to exhibit signs of illness only when they are very sick. The average life span of a budgie is around nine years, and common bird illnesses can cause them to pass away early.

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According to the Burwood Bird and Animal Hospital, common illnesses of budgies include trichomoniasis, megabacteria, chlamydisois, scaly face and tumors, especially in older budgies. Illnesses can be treated early through veterinary checkups. For example, trichomoniasis, or canker, is caused by an infection from the protozoal organism trichomonas.

Malnutrition is another common cause of early deaths in budgies. These birds should be fed a diet of dark green vegetables, limited seed, low-sugar grains and pellets. Chocolate, caffeine, alcohol and avocado may be toxic to budgies.

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