How Do You Diagnose a Health Problem in a Cat?


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A good way to diagnose a health problem in a cat is by looking up the cat’s symptoms individually, according to WebMD. For example, anorexia in a cat can result from a recent vaccination, illness, psychological reason or unfamiliar conditions.

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Another way to diagnose a cat’s health problem is to use an online symptom checker, notes PetMD. PetMD provides an online symptom checker that is free and easy to use. The pet owner simply needs to click on the area of the cat’s body that is having problems, and then they check the symptom that the cat is experiencing. The tool presents the pet owner with a list of results that show the possible issues with the cat based on those symptoms.

It is also important not to ignore serious conditions in cats and to contact a veterinarian when necessary, according to Petfinder. One serious condition that a pet owner must get professional help for is cardiomyopathy. This is a type of heart disease that occurs in cats and is life threatening. Since this is hard to diagnose at home, cats need regular visits to the vet so that the vet can listen to their heart and look for signs of cardiomyopathy.

Another problem in cats that requires professional attention instead of a home diagnosis is hyperthyroidism, according to Petfinder. Some symptoms to keep an eye out for are increased thirst, increased appetite and weight loss, but not all cats with the condition show these symptoms.

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