How Do You Deworm a Puppy?

How Do You Deworm a Puppy?

Deworm a puppy by visiting the veterinarian, giving dewormers at the appropriate times, using preventative treatments and trying natural remedies to kill parasites and prevent new infestations. Because worms can be devastating to puppies, prompt treatment and preventative measures are crucial.

  1. Visit the veterinarian

    A puppy infested with worms can display some of the same symptoms as puppies with very serious illnesses, so a proper diagnosis is important. The vet checks for worms in the puppy's stool, so bring a sample in a clean zip-top bag. Follow the veterinarian's recommendations for treatment and preventative care.

  2. Deworm on schedule

    Puppies should have a round of a deworming agent at two weeks of age to kill any parasites transferred from the mother. Administer either a dewormer prescribed by the vet or an over-the-counter variety. Deworm the puppy again at 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age. If the puppy has monthly heartworm and internal parasite treatment beginning at 8 weeks, deworming can be stopped. If no monthly treatment is offered, continue to give deworming medication monthly until 6 months, then treat again if symptoms appear.

  3. Take preventative measures

    In addition to monthly heartworm and internal parasite prevention, flea prevention can help stop worms from invading a puppy's body. Use flea shampoo, flea collars and topical flea drops to keep the pests at bay. Keep the puppy away from dog excrement, even his own.

  4. Try natural options

    Use natural options in conjunction with medical treatment and preventative steps. Raw garlic, ground pumpkin seeds and diatomaceous earth can be fed to puppies, based on weight, to kill parasites. Natural remedies work best in mild cases, or for prevention.