How Do You Deworm a Dog?

To deworm a dog, confirm that parasites are present, and give the dog worm treatment targeted to the types of worms present. Some worm medications such as those for heartworm should only be administered by a veterinarian.

  1. Confirm the worms

    If your dog shows symptoms of worms, it is important to confirm the diagnosis with your veterinarian. Medication must be targeted to the worms that are present. To confirm the type of worm, bring your vet a sample of your pet's feces for inspection.

  2. Find the right medication

    Once a worm diagnosis is made, purchase medication specific to that type. Some worm medications kill multiple types. If you are unsure, ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

  3. Mix the medication with food

    Mix the worm medication with your dog's usual food, or with a treat you know your pet enjoys. This ensures your dog gets the full dosage.

  4. Repeat the dosage

    Even if your dog no longer has symptoms, you should retreat your pet. Most medications suggest treatment every few weeks. Do not give the medication more often than recommended.

  5. Confirm treatment success

    Have your pet examined to ensure the worms are gone. This should be done after a few treatments, spaced several weeks apart. If worms are still present, your veterinarian may have to give you a stronger medication.