How do you deworm cats?


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Deworm a cat by giving it a veterinarian-recommended injection or tablet or by applying medicated drops to the skin. Depending upon the suggested method, you may need a hypodermic needle or dropper. The process takes less than 10 minutes.

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  1. Allow a veterinarian to examine the cat's stool

    Take the cat to a veterinarian for its stool to be examined. The veterinarian can identify the type of worm present and suggest the best method for deworming.

  2. Use the recommended method

    Inject medication underneath the cat's skin, or apply medication from a dropper directly to the cat's skin. If a tablet is used, crush it, and put it in the cat's food.

  3. Continue to deworm on a regular basis

    Deworm adult cats every three months to prevent a recurrence.

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