What Are the Developmental Stages of a Frog?

The developmental stages of most frogs are the egg stage, various tadpole stages, the froglet stage and the adult frog stage. The complete growth cycle of the frog generally takes between 12 and 16 weeks.

The life cycle of a frog begins when the male frog mates with the female and fertilizes her eggs. Inside the egg, the central yolk splits in half, then each half splits into halves, and so on. The embryo forms a tadpole.

In some frog species, froglets hatch from the eggs rather than starting as tadpoles. However, in most species, tadpoles hatch from the eggs. In the next stage, tadpoles grow and form rear legs, and in the next developmental stage, the tadpoles form front legs. In the next stage of development, tadpoles grow into froglets, which have smaller tails. Finally, the froglets lose the tail and grow into an adult frog, at which point the mating process begins again.