How Do You Determine the Breed of a Dog?

Determine the breed of a dog by looking at pictures of different breeds and comparing characteristics or visiting a vet and asking for her opinion. For more accurate results, purchase a dog DNA test, which can be found either online or at the local pet shop.

Visit the American Kennel Club website for a selection of pictures containing all currently recognized dog breeds in addition to other rare breeds. Owners may find distinct similarities between their canines and one or more of the breed images.

Because vets often work with different breeds, they can assess which breeds a particular dog might be related to. Though not 100 percent accurate, this assistance can help in gaining an idea of what the dog breed could possibly be.

DNA kits are available for owners who want to confirm their dog's family line. As of 2015, tests are sold online and in pet shops for around $60 or more. The accuracy of the test depends on the number of breeds established within a test's database. The process typically involves a cheek swab unless the test is done through a veterinary clinic. Veterinary clinics sometimes offer the Mars Veterinary’s Wisdom Panel Professional DNA exam, which is much more costly and requires a blood test.