How Do You Deter Canadian Geese?


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Common methods for deterring geese from an area include humane harassment and making the area less desirable to them. Specially trained dogs can be used to chase and harass geese without attacking them. Physical barriers, such as fences, can prevent geese from wandering into less desirable areas. Reducing or eliminating food sources such as handouts, bird feeders and large expanses of green grass also makes the area less goose-friendly.

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Canada geese are fully protected by the law and killing or injuring one is illegal unless one has a hunting license and it is geese hunting season. If dogs are used to control geese, they must be trained not to harm them. Other methods, such as using live swans or swan decoys or birds of prey to scare the geese have proven ineffective and are not cost-friendly.

Special organizations, such as Geese Peace, have procedures to help reduce problem geese populations. These programs work with local and federal governments to reduce human-goose conflicts humanely and legally. The Geese Peace program, for example, trains volunteers to control populations through monitoring, egg addling, modifying landscapes and educating the general public. Many of these organizations have years of experience keeping geese populations to a minimum without culling.

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