What Are Some Design Ideas for a Chicken Tractor?


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Some ideas for a chicken tractor are to use old cabinets for coops and repurposed lumber for larger applications. Other ideas are to create A-frame coops or use PVC materials to create a durable chicken tractor on wheels, with surface space for different personalized designs and fixtures.

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Lumber is a versatile material that provides builders with a basic necessary framework for the chicken tractor. Once the builder creates the primary structure, he just needs attach the wheels, which can vary depending on the local terrain. With a sturdy axle, any number of wheel options are available, and some options include tractor wheels and even bicycle wheels.

Using chicken wire or mesh netting provides broader visibility, though a sturdy roof made with wood, metal or PVC is necessary to prevent rain and snow from harming the chickens. Some designs feature mesh screens and a largely wooden framing system that breaks the wind and prevents the elements from harming the chickens when they are in the tractor. Because of the versatile nature of the tractor, owners can place it anywhere and can adjust the position as needed, based on optimal areas of shade and sunlight, and on providing protection from wind and rain.

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