Describe the Position of a Frog When It Floats?

Frogs float in various positions depending on the species. For example, the African Dwarf Frog floats in a position referred to as Zen position. This position is characterized by outstretched limbs except for one leg, which seems to balance the frog aloft. Other frogs, like the Floating Frog, float belly-down with all limbs outstretched.

Frogs are amphibians, and like all amphibians, their blood temperature fluctuates with the temperature of their environment. Even so, frogs can live in a variety of climates, from desert to arctic regions. Because of this unique adaptability, they can be found all over the world and in every continent except Antarctica. Various species control for environment temperature in different ways. Some frogs burrow into the earth and hibernate there until warmer weather returns. The Wood Frog uses its blood glucose to protect its internal organs while the rest of its body freezes solid.

Toads are simply frogs that have a few key defining features, such as dry, pebbly skin and a shorter, stubby body.

All frogs are hatched from eggs and have dozens of siblings. Most grow to only a few inches in length, but the Goliath Frog of West Africa can grow to up to a foot in length.