How Do You Get Free Dental Care for Dogs?

How Do You Get Free Dental Care for Dogs?

Free dental care is not typically available for dogs, but contact your local animal shelter for assistance in finding low-cost clinics. Some animal rescues and shelters offer low-cost dental care at their own clinics.

If your dog does not need immediate care, consider purchasing a pet health insurance plan that covers dental procedures. Although you must pay a monthly premium, your plan may cover most or all of the actual procedures. Banfield Pet Hospital offers a wellness plan that includes one free dental visit every year.

If your dog does need immediate care, try contacting veterinary funds. These are nonprofits that pay for procedures. Most of them are geared toward emergency situations rather than routine care.

Try talking to your veterinarian as well. Your vet may be able to reduce the price by only doing the bare minimum, or the clinic may allow you to make payments in installments. Consider applying for CareCredit, which is a line of credit designed for veterinary and medical use. As long as your veterinarian accepts it, you can use it to pay for routine or emergency dental care for your dog.

Although it is not a replacement for veterinary dental care, preventative measures may help reduce your vet bills in the long run. Brush your dog's teeth regularly with a toothpaste designed for pets, and provide a diet of hard food for added health.