What Are Some Deer Grunt Sounds?

Some deer grunt sounds include non-aggressive calls, such as contact calls, tending grunts, buck bawls and rage grunts. The estrus bleat and breeding bellows are others. Some aggressive deer grunt sounds include the sniff and the wheeze.

Does and bucks make distinctive grunting sounds; the doe’s grunt is softer than the buck’s grunt, and the older the buck, the deeper its tone. Does often grunt softly to tell fawns that it’s time to eat.

Many of the grunts made by does and bucks involve mating. The tending grunt is a buck’s grunt, usually delivered in frustration while he chases a doe in preparation for rutting. Essentially, the buck uses the grunt to ask her to stop running so that the pair can mate. Bucks deliver rage grunts during doe courtship after the doe stops running but does not allow mating to occur. Does deliver estrus bleats to let bucks know that they are nearly ready to breed, while they let out breeding bellows to let the buck know that breeding is imminent.

When a buck desires company, he lets out a buck bawl, which is similar to the bawl of a calf. Both bucks and does sniff loudly to intimidate other deer and avoid confrontation, while bucks wheeze when confronted with their rivals.