How Is a Deer Feeder Made?


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To make a deer feeder, punch holes in a pipe cap, insert a PVC pipe into a Y connector, attach pipe caps, and paint the feeder. This 90-minute project requires pipe caps, a saw, a PVC pipe, a Y connector, a drill, a tarp and flat spray paint.

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  1. Make the drainage cap and pipe ring

    Drill several holes in the top of a PVC pipe cap. Lay a 10-foot section of PVC pipe on a flat surface, and use a saw to cut a 4-inch ring from one end. Set the ring aside.

  2. Attach a Y connector

    Hold a Y connector with the single hole pointing down, and insert the 4-inch pipe ring. Insert the long pipe into one of the two remaining holes.

  3. Cap the pipes

    Cover the 4-inch pipe ring with the perforated pipe cap, and slip a solid pipe cap over the exposed end of the long pipe.

  4. Paint the feeder

    Lay the feeder on a plastic tarp, and paint it with two colors of flat camouflage spray paint. Dry the paint according to the instructions on the paint cans, flip the feeder over, and paint the other side. Leave it on the tarp until it is dry.

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