Do Deer Attack Humans?

Deer will attack humans under a variety of circumstances with bucks being most likely to attack during rut, their mating season, and does readily attacking humans in order to defend their fawns. Bucks may attack without apparent reason and their sharp, tough antlers can cause gruesome injuries or even death in some extreme cases, while all deer have dangerous razor-sharp hooves and can kick with great force.

Humans should avoid approaching deer at any time, but especially during rut season. During mating season bucks become much more aggressive and will charge simply to release pent-up energy, making them a significant safety hazard to anyone who wanders into their path.

Humans should never attempt to feed deer. Deer become accustomed to regular access to a food source and may become enraged when anyone trespasses near that source, even if the person trespassing is the same person who brought the food in the first place.

Deer carry diseases which can be harmful to humans, so even non-aggressive contact can prove dangerous. When a deer is sited it is best to leave it alone and retreat to a safe space such as a car or house where the deer can be observed or photographed without risk of injury.