How Do You Declaw Kittens?


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There are three main methods to declaw kittens: guillotine, blade and radiosurgery methods, writes All Feline Hospital. All three methods utilize deep skin incisions that require sutures or skin glue and bandages to heal. The bandages are left on from 24 hours to three days, depending on the declawing method.

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The first way to declaw kittens is the guillotine method, says All Feline Hospital. The guillotine method uses a large, sterilized nail clipper that fits around the kitten's distal bone. The clipper severs the tendons holding the distal bone. If completed incorrectly, however, the guillotine method can severely damage the kitten's toe pad or middle bone.

The blade method is a precise way to declaw kittens, advises All Feline Hospital. The method consists of severing the distal bone tendons with a scalpel while reducing blood flow with a tourniquet. The blade method takes longer to perform and heal, but only leaves a small amount of scar tissue.

The radiosurgery, or laser, method is preferred by most veterinarians as it is precise, fast and minimally invasive. Using a carbon dioxide radiosurgery laser to simultaneously sever and cauterize the distal bone tendons, the laser method does not require a tourniquet, explains All Feline Hospital.

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