How Do You Dechlorinate Water?

How Do You Dechlorinate Water?

Purchase the correct dechlorinator, then add the proper amount to tap water. Allow the treated water to sit for a few minutes while the dechlorinator neutralizes the chlorine or chloramine. The water is then ready for use.

  1. Purchase the correct dechlorinator

    Read the labels on the various dechlorinators for sale at the local pet store. Check to be certain the dechlorinator also neutralizes chloramine, which is used in many municipal water supplies. The staff at the store can help you select an appropriate product your specific pets or plants.

  2. Read the instructions for the dechlorinator

    The instructions tell you how much dechlorinator to use for each gallon of water as well as how long the water has to sit. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure the chlorine or chloramine is completely neutralized before use.

  3. Measure clean tap water into a clean container

    Using a clean measuring cup, measure clean tap water into a clean non-reactive pitcher or bowl. Set the container on a flat, stable surface.

  4. Measure the appropriate amount of dechlorinator

    Following the instructions, measure the correct amount of dechlorinator for the amount of tap water you are treating. Do not use more or less. Add the dechlorinator to the water and stir. Use clean utensils at all times.

  5. Allow the water to sit for the necessary time

    The instructions should specify the necessary amount of time needed for the dechlorinator to work. Typically, this is just a few minutes. More time might be needed to neutralize chloramine. Once this time has passed, the water is safe for aquatic plants and animals.